If You Love Something Set It Free, If It Comes Back It’s Yours

Flash back to the serious dilemma I was having on Wednesday morning when I could find my favorite, ugly, scuffed up, favorite protein shaker bottle. I went to my gym bag, opened it and was looking for this hideous but trustworthy bottle to fill with my protein powder to take to work for lunch.

I could not find the bottle anywhere, oh whoa was me. I left it on the chair at the gym, and since this was such an atrocious looking bottle (due to many trips through the dish washer, and general overuse), I thought that the cleaning staff would throw it out for sure.

I went to the gym yesterday for my Back and Bicep workout, and right away went to the front desk and described my bottle.

“Protein shaker, orange mixing tool inside, scuffed up, power gym.”

She brought out an orange water bottle, and I was like “Yeah, no.”

She told me she had no other orange water bottles. UGH, lady. You work at the gym, what is a protein shaker? Hmm.

So finally after a few tries, SHE FOUND IT!

photo 1


photo 2

Immediately, I cleaned it out and used it for my pre-workout N.O. Xplode. The top doesn’t pop off, and mixes well, so why use my awful other bottles that have numerous different issues? Never.

Lesson: if you love something set it free, if it comes back it’s yours. Even if it is a seriously scuffed up bottle. It knows where its home is.

Gym addict right here.


4 thoughts on “If You Love Something Set It Free, If It Comes Back It’s Yours

    • I like it, it is better than the other pre-workouts I have tried, but it isn’t as strong as it used to be. I find that it gives me more energy and focus, and the beta alanine gives that tingling sensation. I am interested in trying a few others though. Which do you suggest? I have heard good things about C4 Extreme.

      • C4 used to have DMAA in it, that was good! But I think it not in there anymore. In fact tons of supps had DMAA but the FDA put an end to it. DMAA is essentially like Adderall or Ritalin in a legalized form. Well I guess its not legal anymore.
        beta alanine is a vasodilator which can make you look more vascular and enhance your workouts. But like I said , I never became more vascular.
        It seem like the best way to do the products is to get em before the FDA steps in.
        Oh and I was buying NO Xplode when it had caffiene in it and I had lots of trouble sleeping, I would only use it in the morning,

      • I’ve been fine using NO Xplode at around 5:30 pm. Any later and I start to have issues. Canada is a lot more serious about what is allowed in supplements, and I am limited in what I can order from bodybuilding.com since a lot of it can’t be sold in Canada. Oh well, it’s for our safety so there must be a reason.

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