Sunday Picture Day: Week 2

This is my first progress picture day since I started this transformation program. Photos are the best way to notice changes in your body, and it is fun to compare before and after pictures. I have seen some fairly substantial changes this week.

I started my new program on November 9, and made a small goal to reach 125 by my work’s Christmas Party. I am already more than halfway to my goal, and I am on track!

week 2 numbers

I am very happy with the change in body fat. On the caliper, I have dropped 1mm, which is a fairly substantial change. I am interested to see my measurements on Wednesday to see where the fat loss came from. All of my workouts were very challenging, and I did not skip any cardio (2)

Overall, I am very happy with my progress so far and I look forward to seeing small changes take place every week.

photo 5


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