Ab Roller Face Plant

Embarrassing but true story. 

My abs are my weakest point my my training. I shy away from body weight exercises because I don’t enjoy them, despite how effective they are. Push ups? No. Burpees? No way. Plank? Hell no. A few months ago I tried to remedy my extreme dislike for all things body weight by trying Ashley Conrad’s Clutch Cut Program. I was determined to get back into shape fast, and I thought this was my new calling. No. It wasn’t. I absolutely hated it, I dreaded every workout, and I only made it through one week. By the end of the week I was crying, and I couldn’t make myself continue. It wasn’t even that it was too difficult, I just hated it. Weight lifting is my thing, there is something about the empowerment I feel when I lift heavy weights that no body weight exercise can give me. When I designed my new program I had all intentions to work on abs, knowing that it is important, but I just haven’t been doing it.

I have spoken to some friends of mine, and I’ve read different opinions on ab training. Opinions on this fall on both ends of the spectrum. Some people believe that abs are built in the kitchen and trained through exercising other body parts. Some people believe that abs must be trained every day. I just ignored the whole discussion because it was easier not to bother working on them. It is boring and I hate it anyway. I made all sorts of excuses: my hips crack weirdly, it hurts too much, I don’t need to train them to have a flat stomach, blah, blah, BLAH.

photo (2)

Well, it turns out you do need to train abs. The other day I found an ab wheel and wanted to see what it could do. As the image below shows, the ab roller trains everything! It seems to be the master tool, something I should definitely master to see a lot of progress. So I got a friend to show me how to use it. It seemed pretty reasonable, something I could do. I get down on the ground, get into starting position, side the roller forward, and FACE PLANT. I was like, “Oh, haha, that was a joke! I just wanted to be funny!” So I try it again, and face plant. It would have made me a YouTube celebrity if I had a video of that. As hilarious as it was, it was completely pathetic!


It is pretty atrocious that I can make it through extreme workouts, lifting heavy weights, and I can’t even use an ab roller. This has motivated me to really work on my abs. I’ve tried lots of things and nothing has stuck. I have dabbled in the P90x ab workout, I do it once and forget about doing it again for 6 months. In my last program I only did 2/3 of the ab workouts regularly because the 3rd one made my hip crack and it grossed me out. I usually find motivation once every two weeks or so to do a basic ab workout after cardio, then I get too lazy to complete it. I seriously need some work.


I found this image with easy ab exercises that may be my answer, at least to start. Training abs really is important, because now I have an uneven body. I have trained my arms, legs, shoulders, etc. and my core can’t support the difficult exercises I am doing. As my other body parts get stronger, my abs stay weak. This is going to become an even bigger problem as I progress. Before this becomes a crisis of epic proportions, and I hurt myself  beyond repair, I need to start setting aside at least one day a week to fully train abs.

I strongly believe in no excuses, and I’ve given myself every excuse in the world to ignore this essential area. So, thank you embarrassing face plant, you woke me up and you will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.


One thought on “Ab Roller Face Plant

  1. Been there girl! Get up, dust yo self off and do it again! I really love burpees for abs, works the whole body and it’s a body weight exercise. I honestly am going to start incorporating more cardio body weight exercises in place of my steady cardio (i.e: Treadmill, stairmaster, etc) because I LOVE the results! They really add definition, shed fat, and work out your heart rate. Jump roping is amazing too! Have a great weekend!


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