How to Stay on Track During the Holidays?

I apologize, I have been far from my goals for the past few weeks! The holidays make it very difficult to stay on track, which is no excuse, but it happens to the best of us. I started to make a list of cheat days, and I realized I was cheating 2+ times a week, which certainly makes staying on track difficult! First, I had my office Christmas party on November 30th, followed my my 24th birthday on December 5th, my actual birthday celebration on December 7th, and then I have a few family obligations this week, a social Christmas party on the 15th, a third office Christmas party on the 20th, then home for the holidays.

Between this, and the injuries, I completely fell off track. I’m frankly a little concerned about doing a weigh in! Aside from these HUGE and constant blips, I have been eating fairly well. I just haven’t been making enough time for fitness. Oh well, all things aside, enjoying the holidays is great, and it’s been very fun. That’s worth a few pounds, right? I’m definitely planning to try to take another look at my schedule to work in some more workouts, especially morning cardio. Gotta get back on track, at least a little bit! Cheers to the holidays!


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