Time To Get The Ball Rolling!

I finally took my ‘before’ pictures for the Dymatize Nutrition 100K Transformation Challenge! For some reason, transformation challenges really inspire me. The last time I did one it really helped whip me into shape, and I made some very positive changes. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep up these changes, and I’m basically back to where I started. The biggest difference between this year and last year is that I am much more experienced with dieting and fitness, so the changes that I have to make to see results don’t scare me. I have also learned how to make the fit lifestyle more enjoyable, particularly by trying new clean eating recipes, and finding out what works and what doesn’t.

Week 1

The transformation challenge began this week. I had to submit before pictures with a newspaper between January 13-17th. I started my program officially on the 13th, and took pictures yesterday. My starting weight is 128.8 lbs with 23% bodyfat. My overall goal is to reach approximately 115 lbs and 12% body fat. I’m not sure if this is attainable over the next 12 weeks, so I would be happy reaching 118 and 14% body fat, but I would like to try to push myself further. Goal’s really aren’t worth much if they don’t scare you!

I have not reached lower than 14% body fat since high school, if ever, since I did not calculate body fat back then! I would really like to get below 16%, so that is my #1 goal.


My other huge goal is to fit into these old jeans from high school that I found over the Christmas break. I have kept them around all of these years as a size indicator, and I think I can do it. Usually when I set goals like these, other people object and tell me that it isn’t possible because I have aged and my body has changed, and that I can’t be what I was in high school. I graduated from high school just over 6 years ago, so I really should be able to attain that, it wasn’t a lifetime ago.

These jeans are a Brazilian size 37 (perhaps 38? I will be sure to check!) which is a US size 1-2. Of course, they have been stretched quite a bit over the years. I am currently snug in a size 5, but I do find it very difficult to judge by sizes since every brand is totally different. My main goal is to be able to do those jeans up comfortably, and keep it that way. If I can achieve that, I’ll be satisfied. BUT not satisfied to binge on pizzas, burgers, cheesecake, etc for months like I did after the last transformation.

This time, I am looking to transform myself, by April 2014, followed by a vacation to Punta Cana, DR (impeccable timing!). After that, I will be competing again in the Ottawa Race Weekend 10K, and then I am planning to hire a trainer and prepare for the 2014 GNC Ottawa Championship on November 1st.

Lots of goals, time to get serious and achieve them! Wish me luck 🙂


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