Week 1 #100kreasons Review

It’s January 20th and I’m starting Week 2 of the Dymatize Nutrition #100kreasons transformation challenge! So far going strong, which doesn’t really surprise me because I’ve basically been continuing my workouts with the same intensity as I was doing before starting this challenge. I’ve been trying to focus on intensity of cardio workouts a bit more though, and that has been fun! I find that my biggest change has been in nutrition. I definitely needed to do a complete nutritional overhaul, and so far so good. I discovered a lot of great recipes during my last transformation challenge, so at least I’m not starting out this time eating plain rice with boring chicken. I can only handle that for so long. I find that my biggest challenge with nutrition is to remember to eat vegetables. I’ve been trying to incorporate cauliflower mashed potatoes in my ‘dinner’ meal, which has been helping. I’m eating veggies without realizing it, and that is helpful. I’ve also noticed that if I keep romaine lettuce chopped in my fridge that I will add it to my meals, so that’s helpful too. I’m definitely failing at eating veggies with my first 3-4 meals of the day though, so I need to work on that.

I’ve been eating a breakfast that is protein packed! This week I am eating between 60-75g of low-fat ham with 125g of cottage cheese for breakfast, following my 20 min jog.

I have a protein shake at 12:00pm, which is a mix of 1 scoop of muscle milk with half a scoop of protein powder.

At 3pm I’ve been eating two turkey muffins (about 100g) with 20g of carbs in either brown rice or whole wheat pasta.

I’ve found that this keeps me full for quite awhile. After my workout I drink another protein shake, then have a dinner (like the one below) with a piece of protein + salad and cauliflower mashed. This week I’m eating the “Creamy Chicken” recipe from Muscle Chow in place of the catfish below.

dinner 1

I’ve been trying to limit myself to 2-3 Quest bars a week, which is super difficult because I absolutely love them! I also discovered soft baked Pure Protein bars, which are way cheaper, and basically have the same macros. I’m newly obsessed with those. They have more sugar than Quest, and less fiber, but they are the same in all other regards. I will definitely be doing a review on these babies soon!

As for workouts, I’ve been following my original workout program that I created because I like it and I think it is working for me. I’ve added a couple of exercises to it that I think I needed to work on, so I’ll be updating that online ASAP. I’ve added hyperextensions in place of the wide grip lat pull-downs because my lower back needs some work, and I’m still working back up to doing lat pull-downs.

My best workout this week was definitely shoulders and legs. I usually do that on Saturdays as part of a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday split, but I moved it to Sunday this week because I was still icing my shoulder from an intense Massage Therapy appointment. I definitely gave that day my all, and now I feel 100% like the Day After Leg Day image below. That is me.


I’ve been a baby about squatting because I hurt myself doing stupid form on a Smith Machine awhile ago, so I’ve been trying hard to work on proper form. This time I did it right, and I’m working up to heavier weights. That will be a work in progress for sure. Right now I’m doing 3 sets of 15 with 55 lbs. That’s comfortable for me so I’m going to stick there for a bit.

My gym got a new really cool Octane Fitness LateralX machine that I am in love with, so I’m going to start doing a little more cardio at the gym in place of my typical treadmill workout. I also usually do a spinning workout for 30 minutes after leg day to try to change things up. My goal is to use the LateralX machine twice a week, and spinning once a week, accompanying my lifting sessions. I love my treadmill at home so I’m going to continue using that every morning, and 4 evenings a week. That’s the plan, can’t wait to see results!

Burn, Baby, BURN!


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