Weigh In Wednesday – #100kreasons Week 2

It’s time for another reality check in the form of WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY!

week 2 - weigh in wednesday

I created a new template to track my measurements, since bodybuilding.com went ahead and changed their website to a new format that doesn’t allow you to see all of your measurements in one compact format. From now on I’ll be filling out this super cute template, and using it to compare my results week to week. This week I’ve been a little over obsessed with the number on the scale. After Christmas break I was at the highest weight I can even remember, 131 lbs! Fun. That was even higher than what I was after going to Cuba last year, when I gained 6lbs in a week. It seems fitting that after both of these huge weight gain periods that I would be starting a transformation challenge.

I was so embarrassed about my weight that I didn’t even post it on bb.com, which I regret now because it looks like I’m not even budging with weight, even though I dropped 5lbs. It was probably a lot of water weight though, but changes are being made, slowly but surely. I’m pretty determined. I even skipped amazing Indian food last night, and I have to cut out drinking/eating crap food for girls night this Friday. I feel like a leper, but that’s part of life! I don’t work my ass off at the gym 3-4 days a week + 2x/day cardio to get fat on weekends!

This is officially Week 2 of Dymatize Nutrition’s #100kreasons challenge. My starting weight was officially 128.8lbs. I’m down to 126lbs consistently, and I will be very excited when I dip below 125. I always get excited by these milestones. 125, 120, 118, 115…Lower than that has not been seen in many years, so that will be a party in itself! I just started taking creatine again, so I will be mentally prepared to see my weight go up again. I’m taking Con Cret, 1 pill in the AM on cardio days, and 2 pills, 1 AM and 1 PM on workout days. I’ve never really known what difference it makes, so I’m going to keep a close eye on it! Right now I’m most excited to see changes in the following areas: thighs, body fat %, hips, abs.

Those are definitely my trouble spot, and it usually takes awhile for my stubborn hip fat to melt away. I’ll be patient!

Here are my photos for the week:

week 2

I’m not really noticing many changes yet, but give me 4-5 weeks and it’ll be outstanding! I’m still a 10/10 on motivation, and I am starting to really work abs now too, which is a change for me. Yay, progress!


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