Week 2 #100kreasons Review

I am just wrapping up my second week of the Dymatize Nutrition #100kreasons transformation challenge, and I’m pumped to keep working towards my goal of 115 lbs. This week, I added an extra day to my workout routine. I have been awful at adding abdominal workouts to my routine, and this week I created one that I think I can work with. I have never really been one for ‘circuit training’ or body weight workouts, and I would definitely slot ab workouts into that category. That is why I have always avoided them. I devised a plan that includes a lot of weight lifting in an ab workout, and I really enjoyed it. My abs hurt for four days, so that is a great sign! I’m excited to keep that one up and see some results.


As I have gotten stronger, I have noticed less DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) after my workouts. Last week, my legs hurt for a few days afterwards, this week I woke up with basically no pain. I don’t know if that is a good thing, but I worked REALLY hard, and added extra weight on almost every exercise, so that can’t possibly be wrong. I am in my second week, and I am doing microcycles, so I was working within a 9-11 rep range.

I have been working with a program that I put together based on the Kris Gethin Body by Design book that I used for my last transformation, with a few changes. Over the last few weeks, I noticed that I was missing some focus on bicep exercises, and I have added a few more in the other exercises as well, and moved some that were on the wrong day. So these are the workouts I will be doing for the rest of the program, and beyond:

Abdominals Workout Log

Chest and Tricep Workout Log

Back and Biceps Workout Log

Shoulders and Legs – Workout Log

I have already been doing the workouts like this, as I have just been writing most of the changed exercises in my book every week, I just didn’t get around to creating the proper work sheets until yesterday.

I also started creatine this week, so I’m not really trusting my scale to be entirely accurate. I really believe in body fat as a better judge of progress, and I have been using the accu-measure for quite awhile. It took me awhile to learn how to use it properly, so now it gives me a better idea of my progress BUT I really want an electronic monitor.

I’m planning on ordering this one this week: http://www.amazon.ca/Omron-HBF-306CAN-Fat-Loss-Monitor/dp/B0058GCQ5I

The price is right, and I think it will give me a better idea of my progress.

I haven’t been overly excited with my weight progress over the past two weeks, since the number hasn’t really budged. I’ve consistently bounced between 127-126. I have dropped since 131, my weight after Halloween, and up until around the Christmas break. But since I have dipped below 128 I haven’t made many changes. I did cheat a little bit on Friday, with a small piece of cake and a cookie at work, and a few chips. Booo! Temptation sucks! I did want to allow small cheat meals every two weeks or so, and that did fit, but it has also motivated me to start doing more HIIT workouts on the treadmill. I’ve now done one a day since Friday, and I’ve noticed that I’m getting better at sprinting! In order to not get too upset about the weight, I did a little chart of my progress during my last 12 week transformation:


Over the first few weeks, my weight was a little up and down. It was only in weeks 5 and below that I dipped under 125 (which has always been a landmark number for me for some reason), and kept steadily dropping a pound or so a week. This gives me hope for sure!

Going into week 3, I’m going strong and I’m excited to start working with my new sheets 🙂 Keeping strong, Rome wasn’t built in a day!


2 thoughts on “Week 2 #100kreasons Review

  1. Enjoying your reviews! That weight loss chart is great, and just what I needed to see. It confirms my belief that I shouldn’t be discouraged after 2 weeks of little progress on the scales … It will probably be a few more weeks before my body stops saying “WTF?!?!” and starts to consistently drop weight. Thanks, and good luck with your #100kreasons!

  2. Glad to hear it! The scale often brings me down, especially since it doesn’t seem to be going in my favor at all lately! The chart helped me rationalize my confusion a little bit 😛 Hoping to see the same results this time around. Good luck with the challenge, it’s a great source of motivation!

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