Power Analysis: HemaVol

I have recently been trying to go through my insane supplement collection to get rid of some of the older stuff. I like to have a lot of different supplements because I get sick of them quite often, and I really like to have a variation in flavor. I used to have all of my supplements in the most disorganized closet ever, so I often forgot that I had a lot of supplements, and they got pushed back into dark corners I forgot even existed. I recently got a new shelf and put all of my supplements on it, out in the open, and that has definitely helped me keep on track with supplementation, and it has caused me to revisit some of my older supplements that I never finished for one reason or another.

supplement collection dec 2013

One of those supplements is iForce Nutrition HemaVol Powder, which is a pre-workout supplement. I originally purchased this for my Kris Gethin Body by Design Challenge last April. I used to be a lot more sensitive to caffeine, and I was very concerned about taking strong pre-workout supplements like N.O.Xplode and 1MR. Since then, I have gotten over that and I’ve gotten a lot more accustomed to taking highly caffeinated supplements. It is always nice to have a pre-workout that is not caffeinated though, especially if you are taking fat burners or are working out later in the evening, which I tend to do.

This is where products like HemaVol come in. Unfortunately, HemaVol does absolutely nothing for me, so I really have no idea how it is rated so highly on bodybuilding.com It is mind blowing, really.

What is a Pre Workout Supplement?

A Pre Workout supplement is a powdery substance designed to help you push your body to the EXTREME. If taken before a lifting session, Pre Workout supplements are designed to improve focus and energy, allowing you to lift more and build muscles faster. Of course, caffeine has a lot to do with all of this added energy. Don’t fear, if you have a low tolerance of caffeine, there are decaffeinated versions of Pre Workout supplements that can be taken to achieve desired results.

Pre Workouts contain a similar formula of a few key ingredients (aside from Caffeine, which is not included in HemaVol):

 L-Arginine to support oxygen flow and create a pump: this amino acid is a vasodilator, which means it may help your blood vessels expand within a normal range.

Beta-Alanine to promote muscular endurance, maximize protein synthesis, and decrease fatigue during your workout: this is responsible for your ability to push through a difficult workout. It is also the cause of the strange tingling sensation you will get when you take pre workout supplements!

Why Should I Take Pre Workout Supplements?

Pre Workout supplements are particularly effective at ensuring that you are able to push through a tough workout even if you are tired. They pump you full of energy, and make you feel like you can lift anything. Of course, lift with caution to prevent injuries (says me, clearly the expert…). Pre Workouts can also enhance focus and endurance during your workout, which helps you to push out more reps, support blood flow to the muscles, and create the pump that many bodybuilders crave. Pre Workouts can enhance results due to its ability to help you push through harder and further.

What Makes HemaVol Special?

Nothing. I mean that in the most serious way ever. I have no idea what this powder is supposed to do, aside from cost money. It makes me slightly tingly, but very little. Even two scoops does nothing for me. It tastes ok, I love lemon so I was excited for it, but it got very old very fast. It ended up being the worst part of my workouts by the end of my last 12-week transformation program. I seriously dreaded mixing it up, and I eventually quit taking it because it was so atrocious.

photo 1 (4)

Supposedly HemaVol is supposed to give you a pump, but that hasn’t ever happened for me. I get better pumps on my own with no pre-workout than I get with HemaVol. It also provides amino acids, but I take those through Xtend, so I need no help there. I honestly have no idea what the reason to take this would be. There are much better decaffeinated pre-workout supplements out there, this is one that should be skipped. I’m only taking it now because I’m cheap and I can’t stomach the idea of throwing money away. Oh well, live and learn!

Where to Buy HemaVol?

Don’t, but if you must, you can get it on bb.com. I bought it online at a very strange small Canadian retailer, that closed down, and I was unable to return it. I seriously would have though. Skip on this.


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