#100kreasons Week 5 + Weigh In

I am slowly becoming a strong believer that the scale means NOTHING at all. It’s either that, or I need a new scale. My scale hasn’t moved an ounce since Christmas, I’ve bounced between 126ish-129ish no matter what I eat, BUT the changes can be clearly seen. If I was to tell someone my weight hasn’t changed at all in this time they would tell me I’m lying. To me this is clear proof that the scale is an unreliable measurement. I’m waiting for my new body fat monitor, and that is what I’m going to start using as a more reliable progress measurement tool. Even my actual measurements haven’t made many changes, but I am seeing the fat loss in areas I don’t measure, particularly love handles! Score!

According to my Accumeasure BF caliper, I have dropped 3% body fat, which is awesome! I’ve upped the intensity of my morning HIIT training, and I can tell the difference for sure. The last 10-15 seconds of my 1 min runs are DEADLY and I can feel the intensity over an hour after the workouts. It’s beautiful! I also started using fat burners on Monday. I’ve got a lot of supplements in my collection that I’m starting to blow through. I’m supposed to cycle fat burners for 8 weeks, so we will see if my supply lasts that long and if any changes are visible. I’m really interested to see. Right now I’m using BSN Hyper Shred. One at 8AM, taken half an hour before breakfast, and another at 12 PM, half an hour before meal 2. I haven’t had any issues sleeping so far, which is an improvement. I just can’t combine them with a caffeinated preworkout, or caffeine in general. That’s a huge no-no that I won’t do again.

I’m still taking creatine, two pills of CON-CRET on workout days, and one on off days. I’ll take that until I run out, then I’ll probably suspend it for awhile. I’m interested to see if my weight on the scale drops once I quit it, that’s a huge sign that it actually did what it was supposed to do. It’s so hard to tell sometimes when supplements are actually working!

Here is my collage of Week 5 images:


I definitely notice the biggest changes in my stomach and sides!

Week 5

Side by side of weeks 1 and 5 shows some big fat loss changes! I’m on the right track, it’s just time to turn up the intensity and work on my diet a bit more. I still think I am consuming too many calories, and I have had a few cheat meals, so I can definitely make changes there. I’ve skipped a few cardio sessions, but I haven’t missed a workout yet. Bigger changes to come!


How to Stay on Track During the Holidays?

I apologize, I have been far from my goals for the past few weeks! The holidays make it very difficult to stay on track, which is no excuse, but it happens to the best of us. I started to make a list of cheat days, and I realized I was cheating 2+ times a week, which certainly makes staying on track difficult! First, I had my office Christmas party on November 30th, followed my my 24th birthday on December 5th, my actual birthday celebration on December 7th, and then I have a few family obligations this week, a social Christmas party on the 15th, a third office Christmas party on the 20th, then home for the holidays.

Between this, and the injuries, I completely fell off track. I’m frankly a little concerned about doing a weigh in! Aside from these HUGE and constant blips, I have been eating fairly well. I just haven’t been making enough time for fitness. Oh well, all things aside, enjoying the holidays is great, and it’s been very fun. That’s worth a few pounds, right? I’m definitely planning to try to take another look at my schedule to work in some more workouts, especially morning cardio. Gotta get back on track, at least a little bit! Cheers to the holidays!