The Journey

This is my journey to prove to myself that I have the power to stick with the fitness lifestyle. I enjoy clean eating and weightlifting, and even cardio (as long as it is running outside, on a treadmill, or using the stair climber!), so the dilemma I have always faced is why it is so difficult for me to be consistent with it.

In April 2013, I started doing Kris Gethin’s Body By Design program and it changed my life. I was stuck in a terrible job that I despised, and the program took me away from that. Better yet, Kris proclaimed that each transformation program he completed always pushed him forward in other aspects of his life as well. This also happened for me. In those 12 weeks, I gained the confidence to apply for new jobs, and by the end of the program, I had found my dream job. I also managed to shred 14 pounds of body fat, while gaining two pounds of muscle.


Once the program ended, so did my motivation to continue with fitness. I had to find a new gym, make a new schedule, and move jobs and homes. Needless to say, I fell off the wagon. Four short months later, I regained all of the fat that I had lost before. This was very damaging, as I worked to hard before to get into shape and I could not believe that I had lost all of the results I had achieved. In that time, I went back and forth, trying new programs, and failing at them. This damaged me even further. Something had to change.

Since I enjoyed bodybuilding so much, I had always been interested in doing a fitness competition. My last job was very political, and as such I could not put myself into the spotlight as it could be damaging to my boss’s reputation. I had been talking to a close girlfriend who was motivated by the changes I had made to my figure over the course of my transformation program, and she decided to commit fully and do a show. Watching her face the challenges associated with competing both scared me and tempted me. Finally, after failing again and again, I decided that I needed to take the plunge for real this time. I studied many programs that I had done and aspired to do, and built a program that I feel I can stick with for the next few months. I decided to set a reasonable goal: competing in my first show in a year. I would love to do one sooner, but I feel that one year is a period of time I can work with.

My mission is this: Take my body from what it is now, to the stage in one year. Basically, I am starting at 131.2 pounds, and 23.8% body fat, and I need to work towards a goal of 112 pounds, and 12% body fat. These are approximations, of course, but everyone needs a long term goal. I want to do the majority of this on my own, and hire a trainer 12 weeks out from the show to complete the final shred, teach me everything I need to know about posing and dehydration, and prep me mentally for the reality of the challenge.

I will be documenting the entire journey through my blog, as well as This not only gives me accountability, but it motivates me to stick to the program. Since I have seen myself weigh the same amounts many times in my life, I understand that I will always look different at the same weight, thus I do not put very much emphasis on the scale. I am much more concerned about the fat lost, as well as inches lost. These will be tracked twice a week, on Wednesday and Sunday, with pictures done once a week on Sunday.

Nov 9 Collage

Starting Weight: 131.2

Starting BF: 23.8%

I believe that diet, exercise and proper supplementation are the keys to success. I will be updating changes in diet and exercise, as well as reviews of the supplements I am using, in order to track what works and what does not. Of course, I decided to start this just as we enter another Canadian winter, so motivation is also key, and I will be posting all of the articles and images that keep me going, despite the -40 temperatures, and snow storms.

The journey is beginning, and I have the Power to Shred!