Weigh in Wednesday + Picture Update – Week 3

Weigh In Wednesday

It’s that day again, the moment of truth day, Weigh In Wednesday! I was really rushed last Wednesday and I didn’t really do a great job with my measurements, so this time I was a bit more careful. I experienced a few setbacks this week with regards to training, so I will be taking a completely different approach for the next few months, since I am serious about healing my injuries. That being said, I took my Saturday workout off, and added shoulders to my Monday workout, which was a HUGE eyeopening mistake, but it happened. I also skipped any exercise on Friday and Saturday, and did only Cardio and Abs on Sunday. Changes will be different for the next few months, since I am done with all arm workouts and back workouts for awhile.

Here are my measurement highlights of the week:

My weight has been hovering between 127 and 128 for the past week, and dipped slightly to 126.8 lbs today. Hopefully this will continue, but that remains to be seen, especially since I have my first cheat day on Saturday at my work Christmas Party, followed by my birthday on December 5th. Weight loss may be a little slower until the new year, but I have accepted that fact.

My body fat percentage has stayed the same at 22.1%, and I am receiving an 11mm result. I tried a few different measurement methods this weekend, using this calculator. It was a little weird, and I have decided to stick to my usual method because at least that way I can track the changes I have made easily. I was receiving measurements between 18-19%, and then one that was WAY out at 26%. So hey, nothing is really perfect.

My hips went from 36.5 inches to 36 inches this week! That is a huge win, especially since that has typically been my most difficult area to lose fat. Between my hips and my legs, I don’t know which is more of a challenge.

My waist dropped 0.25 inches, which is always great to see. My thighs also measured at 0.5 inches smaller this week. I will be keeping a huge eye on that. My calves measured 0.5 inches larger, so perhaps I measured in different spots? I didn’t work legs this week so I would be surprised to have made any gains.

Nov 27

I also took pictures very quickly this morning. I find at this early stage of the game it is difficult to see large differences. I really only started to see changes between weeks 4-8 last time I did a transformation, and I did not allow cheat days or skipped workouts then, so I expect to see changes a bit later in the game this time around.



Rules are Made to be Broken?


Although I love and idolize Gizmo, I do not aspire to be him on the scale 😉

Today I broke my rule of stepping on the scale between weigh in’s. This can be just as dangerous to progress as eating between meals. When you step on the scale, you may be filled with optimism, reminiscing on that terribly difficult HIIT session you did the other day, or all the water you drank that must have flushed away the excess water weight you have been holding onto. Sadly, all your dreams may be dashed away in seconds when you see that your weight is the same as the last time you were on the scale, or even worse- went up.

When you are keeping this close of an eye on your weight, the scale is bound to lie, at least a little bit. Deep down we all know that the scale can only tell us so much about our progress, but sometimes it is hard not to fixate on a magic number that you desperately want to see. I have been dying to see my scale tell me I am 110 since 2008, but this isn’t going to happen overnight, and I also have to accept that it may never happen again. I have never really been the type of person who just drops 5 pounds fast. I have no idea how people do this, it can’t possibly be healthy, and it never happens for me.

After seeing my weight rise 0.2 lbs between Wednesday and Today, I decided to check out my weight history on my bodyspace to see how my weight changed the last time I did a transformation program, and when I was living a more sedentary lifestyle.


My body tends to like to stay in the mid to high 120s naturally. If I am inactive, and spend a lot of time in restaurants, I will get closer to 130. It takes a lot of effort and careful eating for me to get into the 110s now, but I tend to feel much better and more energetic when I live this type of lifestyle. When I started Kris Gethin’s 12-week transformation program, I was about 130 as well. I started on April 1, 2013. I slowly edged my weight down from 128 to 124 in four weeks, which is a healthy loss of about 1lb per week. The greatest changes started to happen for me between weeks 4-8, and by week 8 I was in the best shape I had been in since before grad school.

This demonstrates that it takes a long time for my body to adjust to a new exercise program, and that consistency is the key to seeing results. During that diet, I only cheated three times and each time it was an emotional binge on a chocolate bunny I had stashed away from Easter. This time, I am taking a different approach. I will be attending events, just like I did last year, but instead of restricting myself entirely, I will be allowing those to be planned cheat days. This may make my progress a little bit slower, but if this is going to be a sustainable change, I have to be open to cheating a little bit, considering I won’t be doing a show for quite awhile.

BF Percentages 2011-2013

I tend to see body fat as a better indicator of progress. It is hard to lose body fat, and since I am using a caliper, I need to lose an entire millimeter to see a change in percentage. My issue with measuring body fat is that I am not the greatest at it. A lot of my measurements were completely wrong because I had no idea how to use the instrument properly. Sometimes I would find websites to calculate body fat for me based on measurements. I am really happy when those measurements give me the same result as my caliper, then I start to think I am on the right path.

I can say without a shaddow of a doubt that all of my measurements for March 2013 are wrong. I calculated the 25.5% measurement using a website, and I believe that result much more, considering I have seen my body at 20% and it did not look like the pictures from March. Again, like with the scale, I slowly edged my body fat down to about 18%. It stayed there for quite awhile. When I get back there, I am fairly certain that I will probably be hiring a competition trainer to help me lose the rest.

After carefully scrutinizing these numbers, I feel very confident that I can achieve the same results again. I am starting in a slightly better position, as my body fat is lower, even though my weight is higher. I maintained some of the muscle I had built between April-June 2013, since I was going to the gym fairly consistently despite my questionable diet and lack of cardiovascular activity. I am excited to see my results over time, and I will be sure to keep an open mind about the numbers. After all, they are just numbers.