About Me

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Melissa and I am a young professional. As a recent graduate, I am trying to find a balance in my life between career, hobbies, and social obligations. Until recently, I didn’t understand the need for interests outside of school and friends. Since I have been submerged in the 9-5 lifestyle, I am constantly working to fill my extra time with useful activities. I have always found balancing a social life and a fit life to be a challenge. The two never really went together, what with peer pressure to drink and consume terrible carb and fat-filled snacks. I also have a strong love for travel, which inspires me to get fit, then destroy all of my efforts while on vacation.

I have always tended to flip flop with fitness. I am terrible at basically all sports, except for things I can do on my own. Growing up I was a swimmer, and when I got to University I discovered weightlifting. I absolutely love it. I love to see the changes my body goes through, and the strength it makes me feel. My issue is that I can never stick to it long enough to maintain results. I drop 10 pounds, and gain 15. Fluctuating has been the name of my game for the past 6 years. At my highest, I was 142 and at my lowest, 108. Being 5’3″, neither of these numbers ever really fit.

As a competitive, goal oriented person, I have decided to take my passion for fitness and make it more than something I flip flop with. I have decided to take the next year as a personal challenge, and do something I have never done before: stick with the fitness lifestyle CONSISTENTLY, maintain my results, and go over and above and enter a bikini fitness competition. The next year will be a struggle, and a constant challenge, and I am hoping with support and determination that I will be able to achieve my goal of going on stage in November, 2014!

So here’s to me putting down the wine, and lifting some weights!