Weigh In Wednesday – #100kreasons Week 2

It’s time for another reality check in the form of WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY! I created a new template to track my measurements, since bodybuilding.com went ahead and changed their website to a new format that doesn’t allow you to see … Continue reading

Weigh in Wednesday + Picture Update – Week 3

Weigh In Wednesday

It’s that day again, the moment of truth day, Weigh In Wednesday! I was really rushed last Wednesday and I didn’t really do a great job with my measurements, so this time I was a bit more careful. I experienced a few setbacks this week with regards to training, so I will be taking a completely different approach for the next few months, since I am serious about healing my injuries. That being said, I took my Saturday workout off, and added shoulders to my Monday workout, which was a HUGE eyeopening mistake, but it happened. I also skipped any exercise on Friday and Saturday, and did only Cardio and Abs on Sunday. Changes will be different for the next few months, since I am done with all arm workouts and back workouts for awhile.

Here are my measurement highlights of the week:

My weight has been hovering between 127 and 128 for the past week, and dipped slightly to 126.8 lbs today. Hopefully this will continue, but that remains to be seen, especially since I have my first cheat day on Saturday at my work Christmas Party, followed by my birthday on December 5th. Weight loss may be a little slower until the new year, but I have accepted that fact.

My body fat percentage has stayed the same at 22.1%, and I am receiving an 11mm result. I tried a few different measurement methods this weekend, using this calculator. It was a little weird, and I have decided to stick to my usual method because at least that way I can track the changes I have made easily. I was receiving measurements between 18-19%, and then one that was WAY out at 26%. So hey, nothing is really perfect.

My hips went from 36.5 inches to 36 inches this week! That is a huge win, especially since that has typically been my most difficult area to lose fat. Between my hips and my legs, I don’t know which is more of a challenge.

My waist dropped 0.25 inches, which is always great to see. My thighs also measured at 0.5 inches smaller this week. I will be keeping a huge eye on that. My calves measured 0.5 inches larger, so perhaps I measured in different spots? I didn’t work legs this week so I would be surprised to have made any gains.

Nov 27

I also took pictures very quickly this morning. I find at this early stage of the game it is difficult to see large differences. I really only started to see changes between weeks 4-8 last time I did a transformation, and I did not allow cheat days or skipped workouts then, so I expect to see changes a bit later in the game this time around.


Weigh In Wednesday–A Little Late…


I have been all over the place this week. Just a messy week, full of basically nothing other than mental exhaustion. Since I am late posting these results, we will just call this my weekly weigh in–even though it was done on Wednesday. Whatever.

This has been a big week that follows the ‘no excuses’ theme to a tee. I have had some serious sleep issues that I can’t really explain, which is ensuring that I work my 9-5 exhausted, followed by the gym, and another lack of sleep night. Somehow I have found energy at the gym, and today is the first day that I have missed my morning cardio, which I will inevitably tag on to my workout tonight. Luckily, I haven’t faltered in my diet at all and I am even finding new ways to make meals feel like cheat meals while sticking in my macros.

I actually got the best gift ever yesterday that will make sure I have no excuses at all to fall off my diet. I got my birthday present a few weeks early, Men’s Health Muscle Chow, which looks like the best book invented for bodybuilders looking to also be foodies, like me. I got it yesterday, and I will be experimenting with it and exploring its many wonders for a long time to come, and I am sure I will write all about it once I have had a chance to really look at it. Long live flavor!

Anyway, to my Weigh In Wednesday results:

Nov 20

This week has followed all of my other weeks, with small changes, that will lead to big changes. Kris Gethin always says that in the beginning of a program, changes are happening underneath that you can’t see, and if you stick it out long enough you will be amazed at what you actually have been building. That is true for me, especially in my last program when all of a sudden, I dropped a few pounds and was shocked to see the difference. This is only week 2, so any changes are appreciated. It shows that I am doing something right. I did my measurements really fast, so some of the numbers don’t really make sense. I will probably re-do them on Sunday.

My weight was at 128 yesterday, and 127.8 on Sunday, and 127 today. At least it is consistently around the same number, and under 130!


My weight dropped at least .8 lbs from last Wednesday, 1.8 lbs today. I did a more intense cardio session, so maybe that can be attributed to my 1lb loss? We will see Sunday.

My body fat percentage went down by 1mm, which to me is huge. This took me from 23.8 to 22.1%.

My chest appears to have gone up half an inch, weird. My thighs also went up by 0.25 inches. My calves went down by 0.5 inches.

I have determined that I will re-do my measurements on Sunday when I have more time to be careful with the tape!

If You Love Something Set It Free, If It Comes Back It’s Yours

Flash back to the serious dilemma I was having on Wednesday morning when I could find my favorite, ugly, scuffed up, favorite protein shaker bottle. I went to my gym bag, opened it and was looking for this hideous but trustworthy bottle to fill with my protein powder to take to work for lunch.

I could not find the bottle anywhere, oh whoa was me. I left it on the chair at the gym, and since this was such an atrocious looking bottle (due to many trips through the dish washer, and general overuse), I thought that the cleaning staff would throw it out for sure.

I went to the gym yesterday for my Back and Bicep workout, and right away went to the front desk and described my bottle.

“Protein shaker, orange mixing tool inside, scuffed up, power gym.”

She brought out an orange water bottle, and I was like “Yeah, no.”

She told me she had no other orange water bottles. UGH, lady. You work at the gym, what is a protein shaker? Hmm.

So finally after a few tries, SHE FOUND IT!

photo 1


photo 2

Immediately, I cleaned it out and used it for my pre-workout N.O. Xplode. The top doesn’t pop off, and mixes well, so why use my awful other bottles that have numerous different issues? Never.

Lesson: if you love something set it free, if it comes back it’s yours. Even if it is a seriously scuffed up bottle. It knows where its home is.

Gym addict right here.

Weigh In Wednesday


So apparently this is a thing–Weigh In Wednesday. I have always just selected Wednesday as part of my twice a week weigh in just because it is in the middle of the week, but hey, if everyone is doing it then I must have the right idea. So here is my first of many Weigh In Wednesday posts. Since I don’t really subscribe to the scale being the best form of progress measurement, I will be including a detailed breakdown of all of my measurements. Ever the pessimist, I also do not trust my scale. Not only do I not trust that my scale is the one and only correct scale (since I always seem to weigh more or less on other people’s scales), but I also do not trust that my scale will not lie to me and change the next day. I weigh in twice a week because I feel that if the scale gives me a similar reading over the course of multiple days, then it has earned my trust. I will not get excited about weight loss until I am certain it is a reality. That is just one of my rules.

That being said, I also only weigh myself twice a week so that I do not get obsessed with the numbers that appear on my scale. I’ve gone through that obsession many times before, and it never ends well. I also tend to set very unrealistic goals for myself, such as losing 20 pounds, hitting the coveted 110 lb mark, etc. and fixating on doing this quickly also ends with me upset, eating chocolate bunnies. Even though this may be part of my long term goal, it is much more than that. I tend to prefer body fat as an indicator of my progress, but even that leaves me confused much of the time, especially since it is confusing to use a body fat caliper.

Right now, I have set a short term goal that I will work towards as a healthy Step 1. That goal is to reach 125 by my work Christmas Party, which takes place on November 30. This is a more manageable goal, and I am tracking my progress on my favorite site in the world, http://www.bodybuilding.com

Nov13 Goals

I started with a weight of 131 lbs, on Saturday, November 9, 2013. After my weigh in today, it is evident to me that part of that was probably water weight, or bloat, caused by my unhealthy diet. Four days later, I have dropped 2.4 lbs, but my body fat percentage stayed the same. I can work with this.


Like scales, not all body fat calipers are created equally. The reason I say this is that I measured my body fat today and Saturday, and received a result of 23.7%. A few days prior, I used the electronic body fat calculator at the gym, which provided me with a reading of 20.1%. Since I cannot use that calculator regularly, I am sticking with my 23.7% reading, as I can use this to check consistency, even though deep down I choose to believe I am already at 20%. Either way, changes will be made slowly and that is the way it works. Nothing great happens immediately, Rome wasn’t built in a day. If it’s worth working for, it’s worth waiting for. One day at a time.

For me, I will focus on small changes. These changes can be lasting. This is why I do not subscribe to the idea that cleanses and fad diets work. You simply cannot shred 5-10 pounds of fat in a week. It is unrealistic. What you cannot fake is your measurements, unless you start measuring in different places. I try to be really careful to ensure that my measurements are as accurate as possible. The highlight of this bi-weekly measurement is a loss of .5 inches in my waist. This may also be attributed to water weight, and remains to be seen. Either way, I am really enjoying being back in the game and seeing how a healthy diet and exercise can improve all aspects of life.