Falling In Love With HIIT

Over the past week I’ve been trying to find a way to work on improving my cardio sessions to start seeing fat burning results. I’m usually pretty boring and lazy with cardio. I’m good at doing two cardio sessions a … Continue reading

Week 2 #100kreasons Review

I am just wrapping up my second week of the Dymatize Nutrition #100kreasons transformation challenge, and I’m pumped to keep working towards my goal of 115 lbs. This week, I added an extra day to my workout routine. I have … Continue reading

Weigh In Wednesday – #100kreasons Week 2

It’s time for another reality check in the form of WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY! I created a new template to track my measurements, since bodybuilding.com went ahead and changed their website to a new format that doesn’t allow you to see … Continue reading

That #gymdoll Glow!

Has anyone else noticed that incredible glow you get when you are sticking to a healthy diet and exercise program? It’s simply enchanting! I have always been one of those girls who wished for a genie to grant me one … Continue reading

Week 1 #100kreasons Review

It’s January 20th and I’m starting Week 2 of the Dymatize Nutrition #100kreasons transformation challenge! So far going strong, which doesn’t really surprise me because I’ve basically been continuing my workouts with the same intensity as I was doing before … Continue reading